Life Witch, Shadow-bride of Nibenay


Unlike her companion, Xerxes, Corona did not come from a background of luxury and excess. She was a slave. Like many slaves she was born into this predicament while Tyr was still under the Control of King Kalak.

She was forced to work in harsh conditions while constructing the Ziggurat for Kalak. However due to her frail body she was quickly exhausted and broken by the construction of the Ziggurat. After collapsing for the 5th time on the job she was moved over to tending to the gladiators. Why she was allowed to live no one will ever know but it was here where she proved her ability to treat wounds and heal the sick.

This incredible talent she possessed improved her status as a slave and increased her value. She was responsible for the treatment of slaves and gladiators. Not a glorious job but it gave her meaning to her miserable existence.

about 2 years after she acquired her new responsibilities she began to hear whispers. At first it as only off and on and only caused minor confusion. However as time went on they grew louder and louder and spoke more often. So much so the voices began to drive her insane. This was when she met a small dragon. A hatchling dragon approached her during one of her fits and quelled the voices and the pain.

Once she awoke she found the curled up body of the dragon on her lap. She somehow felt a connection to the creature. As the two developed their bond as familiar and master Corona began to manifest strange Arcane Powers. Unlike other arcane powers her own were far more pure and representative of the true nature of Arcane Power. She tended to wounded and healed the sick far better than anyone else in the city to a point where Kalak and the Templar began to question her abilities and wondered if they were just Psionics or True Arcane power.

During the treatment of one gladiator she almost gave away the nature of her power to Kalak. She had drawn upon more power than she normally did to treat a grievous wound sustained to the winning gladiator. This put her nature into question and Corona Had to leave the city.

Though she was a skilled user of her life powers she was not skilled at using her deadly hex powers and she needed to use them to escape. Slowly over the course of many days she Hexed the Templar blighting them and weakening them until they were spread so thin that she could escape. She fled out into the desert as Templar pursued her.

Corona Avoided the roads on her way out of Tyr in order to hid her tracks however after many days she and her dragon companion collapsed on the ground. She wondered if this was all that was left for her and began to fade away. That was until she was awoken by none other than Xerxes son of Nibenay. Thinking he was a Templar of Tyr She attacked him with everything she could throwing spells and hexes his way to subdue him. Due to her weakness she was not able to fight off his overwhelming magical aura and she collapsed. She awoke at the site of a camp with provisions and the company of the young Prince of Nibenay. She profusely thanked him and offered him her protection and healing abilities for saving her life.

Xerxes accepted and she was brought back to Nibenay. It was here where she finally tasted what it felt like to be royalty. The royal family welcomed her with open arms at the sight of her arcane talent and began her training in the arcane arts and in the use of defiling. She was to be married to Nibenay as one of the Shadow-Consorts however Xerxes intervened and declared that Corona was his Shadow-Consort alone. This decision continues to puzzle corona to this day however to this day she will follow xerxes to the ends of the earth to assist him in his plans no matter how evil or good their intentions are.



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