Son of Nibenay, Prodigy of Magic


Xerxes was the most recent son of the Lord Nibenay. Only born some 20 years ago you would think he would be one of the lesser sons of the City of Spires. Xerxes was an illegitimate child born of a woman who was not a Shadow-bride. For this reason he was often viewed with contempt by Nibenay’s other children and by many of the shadow-brides. In spite of this he possessed magical talent like any other child of a Sorcerer-King, however from a young age what set Xerxes apart was his almost uncanny talent for magic. Unlike his father whose magic is power controlled by force of will, Xerxes’ magic is almost a part of him; an extension of his feelings and personality. Magic isn’t a part of Xerxes, Xerxes is Magic. This talent was not unnoticed by his father and he was to be trained as a user of the Arcane Arts. Xerxes learned unnaturally fast. At the Age of 14 he mastered his first spells under Nibenay’s eye.

Xerxes Training Appeared normal until during one session of spell dueling he manifested strange power. The true power of his personality manifested and he blasted his Shadow-bride Tutor, showing power far beyond any anticipated potential. After this point rather than continue to Pursue spells he wanted to tame the raw magical energy that flowed through him. He took up responsibility to train himself at age 16. Unlike his father’s training with spells this magic was far harder to control. It took him 2 more years to finally learn to control his innate Arcane power.

After this time he managed to sneak into his father’s library where he read an excerpt on Defiling and how to empower magic far beyond its normal limits by sapping the life energy from the earth. Only once he stepped out onto the spell dueling platform once again did he show his new-found power. Xerxes Defiled the space around him and to much surprise sent out a bolt of magical energy that killed the challenging shadow-bride.

The courtyard was blackened and destroyed by Xerxes. Wounding Several more shadow-brides on top of the current casualty. Xerxes was mortified by what he saw. The blackened earth, the scorched remains of a shadow-bride, and the countless other victims of the Defiling. Though Nibenay was impressed Xerxes could never quite stomach the destruction he caused on that day.

Shortly after this even he went into seclusion for the next year. Trying to think of the nature of Arcane Power and how to correct what he called “The Imperfect Art.” After finding many ruins and meeting many other mages and reading countless recovered texts on the subject he gained an even greater understanding of Arcane Power and its connection with the rest of the world.

During his Travels he found the dirty and mangled body of a young woman. She did not know who she was or where she came from. Both Afraid and Distraught she attacked Xerxes when he offered to tend to her wounds. She showed incredible arcane ability that was even stranger than his own power. Rather than fight her he defended until she fell unconscious from exhaustion. Tending to her wounds and setting aside provisions for the her, he was very interested in what her Arcane Power could do.

Needless to say after his acts of kindness she wanted to accompany him, thanking him for saving her from the unforgiving landscape. Offering to protect him no matter the cost. Xerxes graciously accepted the offer and brought her back to Nibenay. Upon his Return Xerxes Demonstrated incredible mastery of the Arcane. Defeating Several Shadow-brides and even beating one of his older siblings in a spell duel. This is when Xerxes was acknowledged as a true son of Nibenay and earned the respect of his siblings and the shadow-brides.

This was but one of Xerxes’ goals now that he intends to change everything. Xerxes has put into motion a plan that he has worked on for the past year and only then will we see if the young Arcanist see his plan to fruition….


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